Dark Horse Sports Club Member Benefits


Total Winnings

+67.25 Units

60% Win Rate

468.41 Units Risked

Best Performing Sport


+35.95 Units

108.61 Units Risked

Second Best Performing Sport


+27.57 Units

126.43 Units Risked

Handicapping Services

Sport Picks

As a member of Dark Horse Sports Club (DHSC) you get access to daily & weekly sports betting picks from our experts who have a proven track record and work with our Vegas insiders to beat the books.

Most handicappers who sell sports picks charging hundreds of dollars weekly lie about their results and limit social features that hurt their bottom line - but at DHSC we believe sports betting should be a fun, rewarding, transparent, and social community-based experience. That’s why we publicly track all of our results online and your NFT token doubles as a lifetime membership for our services (unless you sell it!).

We host online competitions and giveaways, provide betting tips, daily customer service, and love live-streaming big games in our Discord & watching them with our friends.

We Like The Odds

At DHSC, our We Like The Odds (WLTO) picks are our most confident and valuable sports betting plays that we only select when all of our experts agree on something. This does not happen every day, but when it does we confidently bet our own money on these plays and track our results for the community.

To share these winnings with our token holders, we take our betting profits and use them to buy NFTs of “Blue Chip” projects that we like and believe in. We store these NFTs in a community wallet/vault and plan on figuring out a way to share ownership with all of our token holders.

member Exclusive

Online Poker Tournaments

DHSC hosts weekly online free-roll poker tournaments for all of our members and will soon be hosting token-gated tournaments with larger prizes exclusively for our NFT holders.We also host IRL tournament experiences in hotspot locations around the country.

Our last IRL tournament was held in Miami for Art Basel with our friends over at Louis XIII de Remy Martin. Winners split $8,000 in cash winnings, a custom engraved Louis XIII bottle, as well as unique gifts from our partners.


Coming Soon

Competition & Prizes

DHSC will host numerous fun online competitions including our own eliminator contests, fantasy competitions, and other games. We also plan to give our members lots of opportunities to win prizes and rewards curated by our sponsors and partners.

Gaming Tournament

DHSC plans to host numerous online esports competitions featuring celebrity opponents and community betting features.

VIP Membership

By owning 5+ of our NFTs or a custom DHSC token you are VIP at all of our events, get early access to all of our new features, and have direct access to our founders.